1. Please be sure that you are willing to wait the necessary time for the item to be released before you decide to purchase.

2. ETA of Pre-Order is subject to change. The release date may differ to the release date listed on each listing due to potential delays; please consider shipping duration for products to arrive in our warehouse. Please be aware before placing an order, and in unforeseen circumstances, orders may be canceled, and a refund will follow as soon as possible.

3. All product information, release date, estimated shipping and handling are listed on item listings when available.

4. No cancellation allowed as the item will be ordered and paid for to the manufacturer. Forfeit of payment will occur for any cancellations.

5. When you ready to Pre-Order, purchase the item and make a deposit or full payment to secure your copy just like the usual checkout process.
Please select Payment Type, which will display Deposit or Full Payment
Deposit - Minimum Payment is Required, to Order the Item from the Manufacturer
Full Payment - Full Payment is Required, but Not Included Shipping Fee unless the Listing Mark as Free Shipping
Restocking Fee - This will be Shipping Charge or/and Restocking Fee use
PayPal Processing Fees, fees that are incurred when PayPal is used. These fees are non-refundable in any case

6. Once your payment has been received, a confirmation email will send to you.

7. There may be many instances where products are delayed despite ETA announced on each product listing. However, please be patient with this as some products do take longer than expected to produce. In some unlikely events (i.e., manufacturer cancellation; unable to fulfill the order), you can be fully assured that a 100% refund will be credited back to your account no arguments. Once again, the Pre-Order item is under allocation. There is a risk/possibility that the manufacturer might not fulfill our stock. Only Pre-Order this at your discretion.
ETA of a Pre-Order item is not accurate; there could be delays in Supplying and Receiving.

8. An email with any queries, we're more than happy to answer each one of them.

9. Once the item is in stock in the U.S., you will be notified to pay for the shipping charge (Restocking fee) remaining within 2 weeks upon notification collection by us. If we do not hear from you, we will send you a final reminder via email with the final dateline stated. Non-collection of products after 1 month will be deemed as a product cancellation and deposit forfeited. Once your restocking payment has been received, a confirmation email will be sent to you, and the item will be shipped out to you once you confirmed the shipping address. Email notification and the tracking number will be sent out right away.
To ship your Pre-Order item individually as they arrive, kindly make a separate order for each of them. This would help us calculate the shipping cost better. All Pre-Order(s) that are made into one order will be shipped once all the Pre-Order(s) have arrived. Having to ship one Pre-Order earlier in bulk Pre-order would result in higher shipping charges. Please contact us for more details. 

10. Deposit(s) and Full Payment Pre-Orders are Non-Refundable or Non-Transferable. 
However, deposits are refundable if item Pre-Ordered is canceled or won't be arriving due to certain circumstances.
Deposits placed for a Specific item cannot be transferred to another item unless the item is canceled or won't be arriving due to certain circumstances.

11. The image shown is the prototype. The final product is subject to change without prior notice.