【 Life News 】《 LEGO 》 Does Have Class? | LEGO Education Programs

【 Life News 】《 LEGO 》 Does Have Class? |  LEGO Education Programs


" LEGO Does Have Class? "

- Parents, It's Time to Earn Your Free Time and Also Make Your Kids Smarter. -

Tired of your life stay the same every day?
Wants to learn something new?
Looking for a class or a course for you or your kids to learn after-school?
Here’s the LEGO Education After-School Programs.


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LEGO Education After-School Programs
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LEGO Education After-School Programs 

What is LEGO Education?

LEGO Education is a comprehensive program developed by LEGO for differing learning groups. LEGO Education after-school programs offer students the chance to engage directly with STEM skills ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics skills ) and critical thinking skills.

Utilizing specifically designed LEGO sets, LEGO Education works primarily with programmable LEGO sets the students to assemble themselves. The program offers different benefits for the different education groups.

Early Learning is the first branch of LEGO Education and it focus's on developmental skills. Developed alongside NAEYC and HeadStart Guidelines the program covers a critical set of skills that are extremely beneficial to young learners, including.
Early Math & Science - Naturally organizing the LEGO bricks gives children a hands-on exploration of shapes, numbers, and colors. As they construct their creations they learn cause and effect skills, as well as motion, and addition and subtraction.
Social & Emotional Development - Interacting with other children to problem solve or express leads to communication development. LEGO Educations "emotion" bricks encourage children to recognize emotions and understand similarities and differences. They will also utilize turn-taking skills.
Early Language & Literacy - Having the medium of expressing thoughts and ideas through the LEGO Education creations will allow children to learn key social skills. LEGO DUPLO characters will enable them to learn storytelling skills as well.

Creative Exploration - LEGO bricks are capable of being physical manifestations of children's imaginations. Utilizing colors and shapes they will assemble their own creative vision.
Primary Education branch focuses on STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics skills ) skills. Students will utilize more complex and STEM focused creations. These products provide an excellent tool for professional development, giving students introductions to real-world skills that they can continue to progress in at the secondary level. Introducing these concepts is integral to cultivating future engineers, scientists, and mathematicians. There is also the chance for competition based learning, where students can compete against each other in teams, cooperating and collaborating their skills in science and technology. Students will learn to investigate problems and find solutions as well as understand failure and learning from it. The Kits in this branch deal primarily in robotics and simple machines as well as WeDo 2.0. These are introductory concepts that are optimized for this age group.


The final branch is Secondary education. This is where you will find the most advanced LEGO Education kits including the latest version of the Mindstorm which was the product that initially started the utilization of LEGO's in education. In this more challenging branch, students will have their reasoning skills test as they approach problems with concepts rather than directions. They will develop theories to better approach and reach solutions. Data is an important part of the Secondary workflow. Students will be given access to data from their projects to analyze ways to solve problems and create solutions. This most advanced stage will have the communication and collaboration skills pushes the farthest. In this branch, competitions are at a larger scale even having national competitions for this branch of LEGO Education. Along with MindStorm, you will find simple machines and powered machines, as well as Education Spike prime. The MindStorm EV3 product will also introduce students to basic Python programming. A huge introductory skill for students at this level which is one of the most in-demand programming languages as of late. It is almost imperative now for people to learn at least one language of code and at this stage in education development, it is a massive boost to student skills.



Why LEGO Education?

The biggest benefit outside of the obvious STEM training and teamwork skills is student confidence. Hands-on learning experiences are extremely beneficial in cultivating a confident student. As of now, there is a crisis of Student Confidence occurring. Less than 1/5th of students would rate themselves as "very confident" and 3 out of 4 teachers say anxiety and lack of confidence are hindering student learning. There are polls online that reflect these conclusions but with a LEGO Education program, students will find a massive confidence boost in their learning.
Students also greatly enjoy working with LEGO Education. Many have been growing up with LEGO's already, so they are comfortable and will transition into a learning phase relatively quickly and with little anxiety. When it feels like fun learning is easy.
The benefits of LEGO Education are abundant. It is a massive boost to STEM learning as well as early childhood development. LEGO Education takes the learning concepts of LEGO's and amplifies them, resulting in a comprehensive program that will bolster students with life long learning skills.


So what's new?

One of the newest products in the LEGO Education line is the LEGO SPIKE Prime. It is a step below Mindstorm in its complexity and aimed at middle school students. SPIKE Prime focuses on learning through fun, while problem-solving and STEM skills are important it still focuses on the draw of students in that age bracket. With Spike, Prime students will solve problems by assembling different designs. Using motors hubs the students will program their designs to complete and assigned task. Students will work in pairs or groups to design assemble and program a kit. SPIKE Prime comes with a drag and drops programming language that is easy for this age group to work with. Not concerning coding or language they will find it easy and intuitive to have an introduction to programming. This is a fantastic way for students to Learn STEM skills for the 21st-century workforce. With technology and engineering continuing to grow to cultivate passions for those areas are essential in preparing students for a modern workforce.
Online you will be able to find a number of promotional codes for discounts on LEGO Education products. Searching lego education promo code 2019 or lego education coupon will help you find a code for your institution.



Do you think LEGO Education is just for kids?

Well, you are wrong, while it is aimed for educational institutions it is actually a great product for adults and seniors as well. It is a perfect way to stimulate the minds of older learners either who have retired from the workforce or are just looking to learn new skills. The possibilities of Mindstorm have been shown online. Creations are limitless in their potential. If you want to just stimulate your mind, learn new skills or have some technical fun with your friends LEGO Education products aren't restricted for age ranges and make perfect gifts for older builders as well. It is also a great way for parents to have fun with their kids! If you want to give your children a technical project you can do with them the LEGO Education sets are perfect for this. You will bond and work in a team with your children as you try to accomplish a task utilizing a LEGO Education set.
So where exactly does it culminate? Is there a real-world application to the creative technical learning that students and adults can gain with LEGO Education?

LEGO Ideas

LEGO Ideas! LEGO Ideas is a program where designers of any age can submit their concepts for LEGO products and get to earn 1% of the royalties on any of the kits sold! This concept is more design than STEM-based but will utilize all those skills in the conception of a LEGO set you may get to see in real life!
When you design and build a concept you will submit it, and the community will vote on it, if you hit ten thousand votes then you will be accepted. Campaigns have a limited number of days so it is important to spread the word about your creation for a chance to be accepted!
The latest release was LEGO Ideas 21319 Central Perk. If you recognize the name of the iconic coffee shop you may be thinking about the TV show Friends! This LEGO set is a recreation of the iconic coffee shop the group had always found themselves in from time to time. You have all the characters on their couches and seats and detailed recreation of the interior of the coffee shop. Submitted by Aymeric Fievet this creation was submitted in 2016 and is now finally being realized and released.
Available for 59.99 the set is available online on the LEGO Ideas website.

Another new kit is the LEGO Ideas 21318 Tree House. When they say Treehouse. They literally mean Tree House, this is a fully-realized house built into a tree. There is a fully detailed interior with 3 main cabins. The main bathroom, bedroom, and kids room. There is a landscape base at the bottom with tremendous detail, including a table with a pie on it! The set also includes different color sets for the changing seasons! So you can match your Tree House with the season it is outside! There is also a pulley for hoisting supplies up and down the tree as well as a telescope so you can get a nice view of the stars in the night sky!
This set is available for 199.99 and includes over three thousand pieces!
As you can see LEGO Ideas sets can range from simple scenes to complex and large creations, so there is a range of accessibility with the LEGO Ideas creations.
You can find blog posts on the LEGO Ideas website that detail creators and their creations. The latest post is an interview with an Advertising director who designed and built a replica of the Brazilian National Museum. Once he broke the 10 thousand vote threshold his submission was accepted as a model into the LEGO Ideas line.
When you submit an Idea to LEGO Ideas it enters a special page on the website where people can support the design and help it gain traction. These campaigns so to speak are rather lengthily usually being around 800 days starting out. The amount of effort and time invested makes it a fantastic way to develop the tangible design and STEM skills.
LEGO Ideas also cultivates a community of creators where people can follow and interact with other creatives in the LEGO Ideas community. You can follow your favorite creator, comment and support their posts and create ones of your own! The LEGO community is one of the most welcoming and covers, a gambit of different licenses and interests.
You can see the most supported submissions as well as a curated list of staff picks. There is a very passionate team behind LEGO Ideas and you can find their personal favorite projects there!

LEGO creations

There are also contests where contestants can submit LEGO creations for a chance to win big prizes which usually include an entire catalog of kits from a specific license. For example, there is currently and Overwatch Themed contest going on, where contestants are tasked with taking their existing LEGOs and designs an interpretation of an Overwatch Hero. The winner will receive the entirety of the Overwatch 2019 catalog as well as a set of golden weapons that are of only 250 ever made, along with a ton of nice Overwatch swag.
As you can see thanks to the expansive reach of LEGO's licensing you to have a plethora of existing properties to work with. When LEGO Ideas initially started it was mostly LEGO recreations of existing things. For example, the first-ever creation was a Japanese Submarine kit that was only released in Japan. It has since expanded and many submissions for concepts include licenses like Seinfeld, Interstellar, and 2001 a Space Odyssey! There are even a LEGO Ideas set for Queen I Want to Break Free music video.
The possibilities are endless and it is just a testament to the creative potential LEGO possesses, in education and real-world application there are so many ways someone can interact and engage with LEGO's to develop skills and be productive. Remember if you want to find some discounts for LEGO Education products be sure to search online for LEGO education promo code 2019 or LEGO education coupon.

If you want to stay up to date on all the latest news be sure to subscribe to LEGO Ideas and LEGO Education on social media. There is constant progression being made in the LEGO world and new kits and programs are introduced regularly. If you are an educator, a parent, a builder, or just a fan it is a great idea to stay up to date on all the latest news and releases.
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