The old Immortal figure idea name is trying to submit the name IFiDEA on Facebook...(Done!!!!!)
Hi, everyone
Big news to you

Now IFiDEA is trying to change the name on Facebook since the name still shows Immortal figure idea.
Base on people feels the name is too long and hard to remember. So we decide to short it to IFiDEA.
We take Immortal's "I", figure's "f" and keep the word "idea".
So we are happy to have that suggestion get a better name to service people in the future.

IFiDEA already updates all the logo and words related.
For now, we already sent out the form to Facebook wish can change the name from Immortal figure idea to IFiDEA. 
Wish we all can see the new name IFiDEA on Facebook.

What about the old name? I believe you might have this question.
We will keep the name to make sure people still can find us, especially who join with us in very early days.
The name of Immortal Figure will show under the IFiDEA logo to be our slogan.
We might be mortal, but we can make the immortal figure.
"I"mmortal / "F"igure / "iDEA" = IFiDEA
IFiDEA will keep trying our best to update more Immortal Figure in the future.

Thank you

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