【 Product News 】 WF 2019 Summer | Kaiyodo Amazing Yamaguchi Series DC Harley Quinn

Wonder Festival 2019 Summer | Kaiyodo Amazing Yamaguchi | Harley Quinn

The Amazing Yamaguchi series featuring American superheroes and amazing movability showcases the long-awaited new roles in Harley Quinn.

Amazing Yamaguchi Harley Quinn reproduces the classic double ponytail styling, attached with a gavel, hair, vest, pantie, knee pads, boots… depicting the delicate shape, and the head carving is a youthful, beautiful girl style, coupled with fleshy thighs, so attractive! Judging from the exhibits at the scene, there will also be bad laughter head carvings, skates, and baseball bats. Please pay attention to the follow-up report.

Amazing Yamaguchi | Harley Quinn / ハーレイ・クィン
【 Retail Price 】 ¥ 7,500 JPY (+ tax) / $ 69 USD
【 Release Date 】 2019/12

【 Character Design 】 山口勝久 ( Yamaguchi Katsuhisa )
【 Material 】 PVC、ABS

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